Hershey Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

I don’t always substitute and use these chips – but they are especially helpful if you cannot substitute other items out of the dessert.  They help keep that balance. I have not found them in a local grocery store – so I usually order mine online here.

sugar free chocolate chips


Enjoy Life Semi Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips

When I am looking for some chocolate chips and I do not want to have to order the Sugar Free Hershey chips – these are my go to chips.  You can get these in most local stores.

Enjoy Life Semi Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips


Fairlife Milk

Milk is one of those things you want your children to drink, but it has carbs as well.  We have found Fairlife Milk to be a great choice for our house.  It has 1/2 the carbs of regular milk and double to protein.  Adding this to a breakfast cereal in the morning gives the extra boost needed from the additional protein.


A Carb Friendly Flour Tortilla

Bread is obviously one of the major carb items we eat.  Who doesn’t love bread or a great tortilla for a wrap or taco?  In a Type 1 Diabetes world, it is not that you cannot have these items, but finding the lower carb options keeps your daily carb intake at a nice healthy level for steady blood sugars.  So, thank you Mission Tortillas for creating this option.


Each tortillas has 19 g carbs (net carbs are 6 – so be careful to count your carb as you need) – but there are no carbs from sugar  – instead 13 g carbs from fiber and 5 g carbs from protein.  Now, let’s find some great wrap and Mexican recipes to use these tortillas!

Swerve – one of my favorite sugar substitutes

The sugar substitute aisle can be very overwhelming when you first start looking.  There are many options and actually they each serve their own purpose in the kitchen.  We no longer have a kitchen with 3 sugars – regular, brown and powdered.  Instead we have a world of choices depending on what we are creating in the kitchen.

One brand that is my favorite is Swerve.  Swerve comes in both granulated and powdered.  It is by far the best powdered substitute I have found. The sweetness from swerve comes from the sugar alcohol erythritol and it measures cup to cup with regular sugar – making substitutions so much simpler.  This is my go to sugar for baking – and who doesn’t love the sweets.

I have found mine at Whole Foods, but you can also order it online at Amazon.

Swerve Bundle from Amazon