Our Story

This blog was created as a place to gather recipes for a Carb Counting World.  In April of 2015 my middle daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  This meant a change in lifestyle – but my goal was to keep her teen years as typical as possible.  I searched the internet (thank you to so many sites!!!) and found recipes, substitutions, and wonderful food that helped her keep her carbs in the low-normal range.  I also loved the recipes that gave me nutritional information – as carb counting at first was quite overwhelming.  This blog will host wonderful low carb options and some “old time” favorites – but with nutritional guidelines to help you count those carbs.

I am a good cook and a great recipe follower – I am not a recipe creator.  This site will simply be a place where I have gathered tried and true recipes together in one location.  My hope is that it will help other families who are suddenly looking at cooking and eating in a different way – plus I will link to all the great recipe sites – so you may find some new gems on your own as well.

Here is to wonderful flavors, exquisite seasonings, and a dash of goodness…


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